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Character Bio

Age: 22
Location: Burnloch
Mum’s Name: Marry
Priest’s Name: Hans
Witch-Hunter: Zaccheria
Is 2nd son of Reiger.

Physical Description

6’6" (Same as Riegar). Very broad shoulders and stocky. Blue eyes (like mother, Riegar has brown eyes). Porn moustache. Leather armour, and practical outdoor clothing, with worn leather boots. Longbow, dagger. Imposing. Hard to hide.


Items from character creation

Background piece 1: Mum: Works in the kitchen’s for Riegar. He took fancy to her, and they got it on. She was shipped off before Matt was born. Mum died when Matt was a young child and then returned to Riegar. Was treated fairly, which meant he had to work hard, but was treated well for it. Elizabeth hates having him around as he’s older than Nathaniel, and is a potential threat to Nathaniel’s legacy.

Background piece 2: Why did family send him back to father: Mother’s family he quite liked, but were in a small village two days west/east of where Riegar’s seat of power is. He was out in the woods playing one day, and when he returned to the village a Witch-hunter had come to the village had come through and accused his family of witchcraft and had them killed. While this was going on a Priest of Sigmar, Hans, took him in and hid him from the Witch-Hunter. Hans then took Matt back to Riegar and explained what happend. Riegar took him in, and tried to hunt down the Witch-Hunter, but by then Zaccheria had moved on, and was never found.


Stephen: Wants to make Rieger proud. Maybe earn commission and work up rank in miliatry to count as minor noble. – Not agreed to. – Instead make Rieger proud by keeping Nathaniel safe, and a commission would be nice, but it isn’t the main goal. Soft spot to help woman who are sick and a hatred of Witch-Hunter. Luke note 24/9/14: Minor amendment, while not agreed as an IC goal per se, certainly a good path for Matt’s story to head down (ie Luke will progress it as an OOC thing).

Mick: Mother’s family burnt by family. Hid by Hans, who then wanted to send Matt off to be trained as an acolyte. When Riegar found out about the incident he came down to collect Matt himself, and stop him from being sent off.

Butters: Father really was nice to Matt, and took him along with 1st born son when going out on hunting trips. Only reason he wasn’t acknowledged is because of Elizabeth, who treats him like he doesn’t exist. Liz is the reason people get punished when he gets mentioned. – Agreed to – Elizabeth comes from Marrienburg and is upper classy. Her Father offered the captiol investment in Nuln, but needed the name to back it for status, so she was married off to Rieger.

Kane: Matt came down deathly ill, Mum caught it off him, and while Matt got better, she didn’t. – Agreed to.