The Burnloch Inn

The Burnloch Inn


The Burnloch Inn is the tavern in the village of Burnloch. It is two stories high, and contains a cellar. It is mostly made of a wooden frame, with a mud and straw mix making up the walls to provide good insulation. It has a strong wall made of stone and mortar on one side where the chimney is.

NPC’s of Note who live or work here


Main Room

The main room is large enough to have 20 people eat here, though it would start to get crowded at those numbers.

There are two tables, designed to comfortably fit 3 to a side, or 4 at a squeeze.

There are also more comfortable chairs stationed around the fireplace. The Tavern has eating boards that are designed for guests to use on their laps if they want to sit in one of there chairs near the fire.

At the East end of the room is the bar, which is a rather simple affair. Several kegs are kept behind it, as well as a range of different cup sizes, most made from wood.

There is a stairway that leads up to the higher floors from here.

There is a door that leads back to the kitchen.

There is another door that leads to the living quarters of the Tavern Keeper, and his daughter.


It’s an OK sized kitchen for a village this size.

It has a trap door leading down to the cellar.

Living quarters

Haven’t been explored by PC’s.


The upstairs area is a simple long hallway, with 4 doors on each side.

Each door leads to almost identical rooms.

Standard guest rooms

A small room with a bed, wash basin, chair, and simple chest that lacks a lock.

The mattresses are made from straw, but the thickness of the canvass wrapping them prevents the straw from poking through.

Nice guest room

This room is similar to the other rooms, but the mattress here is of a lot nicer quality, as well as a feather pillow.

It also contains a small table, and the chest actually has a lock.


The Cellar is actually quite large and spread out, with several support struts going up to keep the Inn up.

One half of the Cellar is filled with meats and other foods that need to be kept cold.

The other half is a brewery, where the Tavern Owner makes his own meads, beers, and spirits.

The Burnloch Inn

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