Staig Blacksmith

The Staig Blacksmith


The blacksmith is divided into two areas.
The first is a small shop front that boarders the main town field, the other is a much larger place out back where the Blacksmith and his apprentices do their work.

NPC’s that live or work here


Shop Front

The Shop Front is a spartan place. It has an area for customers to gather and stand in, and a counter that run across most the back of the room to divide it from the actual blacksmithing area. There is a small part for people to go around the counter.

Behind the counter hanging on the walls are a couple of old weapons that look like they have seen a lot of use in their day.

Smithing Area

The smithing area is a large area with mostly open walls. Thick heavy logs hold up a tiled roof. There are canvas hangings that can be lowered and tied down to create walls around the area to keep out the weather.

Near the centre of the room is a forge, with a large chimney running up and out of the roof.

The area is filled with tools and work spaces for making many different pieces of equipment.

Staig Blacksmith

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