Rorek Grimfist

Rorek Grimfist

Character Bio

Physical Description

Dwarf. Muddy brown hair. 4’8". Not a long beard, just down to collar bone. Has a clan symbol on a metal ring woven into his beard. Missing top right canine, due to pit fight. Looks stocky and solid. Wears leathers and has chain mail. Has two axes on his back. Was known to yell ‘Stitch this’ during pit fighting days.


Items from character creation session

Rorek: Age: 40
Location: Karag Drumar
Brother’s Name: Burlok
Father’s Name: Joseph
Background piece 1: Debt: Working for Cousin Snorey. Sampled wares of drink, got drunk, and got into fight with a different cousin, Thorgrim, on guard duty. Owed money for shipment to cousin, which meant penalty rates because it was due for a noble. Joined pit fighting to trying to earn back debt. 5 gold.
Background piece 2: Ork impact on life: Yes. Grimfist family is part of the Grimstone clan, which only the head of gets to call himself. Rarely have Ironbrackers in family, but will answer King’s call to war, but serves as miners to sap enemy positions. Only has 1 brother, but was killed in battle against the Brokentooth tribe who forged an alliance with the blackclaw night goblin tribe. They had laid siege against dwarf clan, and while Rorek’s brother was trying to dig a way out to get supplies the tunnel was collapsed on them, and the orks threw the heads at the dwarfs. Father sword Slayer oath over this.

Stephen: Hasn’t seen father since he took the oath. Last heard of joining up with a war party to fight a beastman hoard, but no report on whether he survived or not. – Agreed to.
Luke: One of the Axe actually belonged to his brother. – Agreed to.
Butters: Riegar paid off Johann’s family the debt that Rorek built up due to the goods, so Rorek owes that family big time for preventing Rorek from returning home in shame and taking the slayer oath. – Agreed to.
Kane: Weird thing that Rorek has noticed. When he looks back, brother dying, father taking the oath, accident on the ale cart, there is always a larger than normal amount of rats about. – Agreed to.

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Rorek Grimfist

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