Nathaniel Rheinmetal Borsig Waffentragger the 4th

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Nathaniel Rheinmetäl Borsigwaffentragger the 4th

Character Bio

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Items from character creation

Nathaniel: Age: 19
Location: Heideck
Dad’s Name: Riegar
Mum’s Name: Elizabeth
Background piece 1: Dad: Fair but hard. Gruff and standoffish. Very involved in family businesses. Investor in the University of Nuln. Owns a bit of land. Shows the occasional interest in Nathaniel, but as he’s the 3rd son and doesn’t have magic potential he spends more time when he’s home with 1st and 2nd son. 3 brothers. 2 unofficial brothers. 2 sisters, 1 older (Twin with 1st son) and 1 younger.
Background piece 2: Seen someone die and what was it like: Has seen 1 person died as the result of a hunting accident. The man was hit by a stray arrow, one of the beaters up front, fired by a visiting noble. Nathaniel sore him when the man was brought back to be treated, and watched on with morbid curiosity as he died.
Physical description: 6’, lot more of mothers features. Softer features. (Nathaniel isn’t bothered by this). Short crop hair, no facial hair, dark brown. Dark brown eyes (hint of green). Bit less stocky than the rest of his brothers. Outdoory clothes, but not the most practical, but at least comfortable. Not the most sturdy clothing.
Stephen: Wants to make a name for himself, and be known as the man who mapped the world. Bit jealous of older brothers because they’re just given it all, and are already doing well for themselves. – Agreed to.
Mick: While building all sorts of skills with running things and finances, he had a night of romance with a kitchen’s maid and got her pregnant. Elizabeth banished the girl from the household about 2 years ago, and they haven’t been seen since. Matt got money of Rieger to help her, got her on a boat away to her family. – Agreed to. – Nathaniel only has a slight flame for her now because she was his first.
Luke: Another branch of the household to the SouthEast, that is rarely seen, rumoured to be recluses, but they hold swaraies. – Agreed to. – Forest or hills as a gap between them. On Fathers side there is quite a bit of family around.
Kane: You had a courtier/family member around that was a real story teller, who told Nathaniel about lots of different mystical place. About a land across the seas made of gold. About a hole in the earth that goes down forever. A land of sand filled. Stories of the far off places that brought up the lust of adventure. – Agreed to. – Grandfather from Mothers side who passed on the stories from sailors in Marrienburg.
One time Johann’s took him over to Nathaniel’s family, and while there Johann showed Nathaniel a few magic tricks he learnt from a street magician.

Nathaniel Rheinmetal Borsig Waffentragger the 4th

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