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Day 42 still (does this day NEVER end?!?)
Got Nat, Rorek and Christine out of the pit. Johann closed the door and sealed it. I went upstairs to investigate. Preying to Taal, I saw the two guards, but was seen in return. I told them to get the captain and they went into an attack stance. Why me? I pinned one and legged it down the stairs. The other followed and poked me with a spear – that hurt. With all the other minor wounds I had, I could feel my strength fading. I knew I wouldn’t be able to last long. Luckily Johann and I finished him off quickly followed by the second guard.

Not wanting to do that again, we stole a carriage and horses and went to leave. We got stopped by the guards and, it being in the streets, I demanded in a loud voice for them to get the captain. I was soooo tired. Lugging people up those stairs over all those bodies after no sleep and combat was hard work!

The guards checked the carriage and demanded our weapons – fine! Johann did some quick first aid and Rorek woke up. The Captain came and I told him what happened. So, they arrested us and took us to the most defensible building in town – the jail house. The Captain said we needed to hole up for a while until the Lord arrive. Fine by me!

Day 44-45
After a day or two, Johann and Rorek yelled stuff at the Guards, provoking them into action – seriously, I would’ve liked another days rest. Well, as they were provoked anyway, I quickly shot Dagger twice and then a third time with a trick shot heh heh. Take that you bastard son of a… wait a minute – I’m a bastard…. I take that back, being a bastard is to good for Dagger! He is the legitimate son of a goat!

So, they tried to fry us in a nice little stove. Well, Rorek and I would have none of that. With the help of Johann’s tools, we pulled up some (massive I might add) flagstones and dug a depression to get under the heat. Then, once down low enough, we start digging a tunnel to the house across the street. And I thought dragging bodies was tiring – by Taal’s left testicle this is fucking tiring!

Eventually we dig to the house across the street, run out and subdue the residents. We should be in time to help the lord – after this night is out, I’m sleeping for a fucking month!

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