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Day 110
The walls are closing in. It is too… enclosed in here. I’m trapped.

Shutup. Just my imagination. Look, Nathaniel is fine.

Yeah, but he is used to being trapped – he is trapped by station. We, we’re FREE!

I’m not listening to you, it is fine. I might go and visit the battlements though. Inspect the troops – nothing to do with seeing the sky or anything.

Johann arrived back today. We saw a flying ship and both of us would like to take one to the outlying settlements to see how dwarves farm etc. Also, to get a closer look at the flying thing.

Met another Thane today. This dwarf was a shady character in my opinion. But, he is paying for us to accompany him on an expedition, so, can’t complain too much. Wait, we have to go deeper into the mountain…

Day 111
The roof is lower today

No it isn’t… Or is it… No, no, just my imagination.

See how tight the corridor is

It’s as wide as two dwarves! plenty of room! Ok, that one their is narrow, but we’ll just take another route. Sheesh, you and your paranoia.

Can you not feel the weight of the mountain on you?

Nope – don’t know what you’re talking about…



Met another Thane today. Like this one. We haven’t signed a contract yet, but we gave our word and Rorek being a dwarf means we can’t go back on it…

Day 112-119
The mountain watches


You heard me, the mountain – it watches

I know. I can feel it.

It wants to swallow you whole and never let you out!

Calm down, we can leave when we get back.

You fool! We’ll NEVER leave!

Yes we will… I hope…

We traveled for an period of time, hard to gauge time with no sun. The dwarves are looking at me funny – they must be plotting something…

Day 120
Cold. Dark. Trapped.
Cold. Dark. Trapped.
Cold. Dark. Trapped.
Cold. Dark. Trapped.
Cold. Dark. Trapped.
Cold. Dark. Trapped.

Went on a scouting mission. Spotted some goblins – why dwarves even bother trying to be scouts, I’ll never know.. Went back to the party and warned of incoming hostile beings…

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