Johann's Journal 8

The smell is stifling and, dare I write it, earthy.

Humour will get us all through this, I’m sure.

Let’s see. The Pits – it feels so long ago, though I suspect that relates to the combined theorems of Wizards Jackyll and Hyder regarding the flows and ebbs of the winds of magic and its impact on the human temporal perspective within the primary mental lobe.

There was a demon down there. I suspect, considering that we did, in-fact, kill the monster, that it was not the intended result of the original ritual. While it was certainly terrifying, it was not the world-ending terror that Nathaniel’s omens seemed to be indicating. For which I’m relieved. There were others down there, of course – cultists and town guards sworn to the cult. The Pit Master, with his whip, was dispatched. Unfortunately, I cannot account for the whip at this time.

We saved Christine – though I am unsure how we will proceed with her. Nathaniel speaks of some hope for her, and certainly I’d like to believe as such – but false hope is worse than unfulfilled pessimism.

On a more optimistic note, I remained standing during the conflict inside the pit. Rorek and Matt, thankfully, made a good account of themselves in holding the line until we could exit – and due to their efforts we survived.

Hmm, the sweat is making writing difficult, and the ink is beginning to tinge. I’ll put this away until we’ve made progress.

Johann's Journal 8

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