Johann's Journal 7

I’m taking some time out of digging to write this down. We’ll get to why later.

So. I hate it when I’m right. Christine was captured.
And Nathaniel sees Christine as merely a damsel to be saved; I know that Christine is far more than that.
And I explained this to Nathaniel in in terrifying detail.

But, after some investigation that I was not awake for, Matt and Rorek saw this as an opportunity to ‘engage’ with the enemy in a more direct manner – one that involved a lot more dismemberment than I’m personally comfortable with.

We invaded the pits – at the time we were afraid that Christine would somehow be a more worthy sacrifice to the foul magics therein – and that leaving her in the care of the cultists may serve to accelerate their plans.

In hindsight, I suspect this was not a terrible idea. But I will leave writing further until our hole is dug a bit further – my pen is beginning to singe.

Johann's Journal 7

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