Johann Rheinmetal

Johann Rheinmetal

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Johann: Age: 19
Mother: Veronica
Father: Samuel
Location: Nuln
Background piece 1: Starting Wizard: 10 years of age. Parents decided they had no idea what to do with him, and sent him off as soon as he showed any potential. Not naturally good with magic, and had to be beaten to force himself to draw upon the magic and learn to draw it properly. Didn’t get along with the other students because he wasn’t naturally skilled, so was either bullied or spent the entire time in the library to avoid the other students. At least until he learnt enough to protect himself.
Background piece 2: How does Johann’s family view Nathaniel’s family, and does Johann share the view. Johann doesn’t like his immediate family as they shipped him off. His family is city nobles, and really looked down on the lower classes. They view Riegar as the country noble lord, the yokel, the uncultured. Very poncey. His Father is responsible for killing the beater on the hunting trip that Nathaniel saw.
Physical description: 5’6". Really scrawny and flabby. Shoulders are there, but they don’t stand out. Bit of a gut that can be noticed. Calloused skin. Very slight family resembalnce to Riegar. Black hair, but he shaves it, dark brown eyes. Has a goatee, twin goatee even. Underwear, with suspenders. Wizard robe, with metal threads laced into it. Boots that are boots. Carries a buckler and a dagger.
Stephen: Finding a way to bring down and humble his family. Also his teacher at the collage needs to be humbled. – Agreed to.
Mick: Smashed ale was actually meant for Johann’s family, and some weapons, smuggled goods, dwarf handguns and pistols. – Agreed to. – No one knows what happens to the weapons. Dwarfs cut off trading.
Luke: Left collage on not official business, and there’s a collage member out there who’s been sent to bring him back. – Agreed to.
Butters: Rieger’s family was the one that helped him get out of the collage and help hide him. – Agreed to.

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Johann Rheinmetal

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