Imperial Calendar

Imperial Calendar

The Imperial Year

A standard Imperial year lasts 400 days, divided into twelve months of 32 or 33 days, with 6 intercalary holidays.
These holidays exist outside of the normal sequence of months and weekdays:

Reikspeil Name English Name Number of Days Festival Name
Hexenstag Witching Day 1 New Years Day
Nachhexen After-Witching 32
Jahrdrung Year-Turn 33
Mitterfruhl Mid-Spring 1 Spring Equinox
Pflugzeit Plough Month 33
Sigmarzeit Sigmar Month 33
Sommerzeit Summer Month 33
Sonstill Sun Still 1 Summer Solstice
Vorgenheim Fore-Mystery 33
Geheimnistag Mystery Day 1 Day of Mystery
Nachgeheim After-Mystery 32
Erntzeit Harvest Month 33
Mittherbst Mid-Autumn 1 Autumn Equinox
Brauzeit Brew Month 33
Kaldezeit Chill Month 33
Ulriczeit Ulric Month 33
Mondstill World Still 1 Winter Solstice
Vorhexen Fore-Witching 33


An Imperial week lasts eight days.

Reikspeil Name English Name
Wellentag Work Day
Aubentag Levy Day
Marktag Market Day
Backertag Bake Day
Bezahltag Tax Day
Konistag King Day
Angestag Start Week
Festag Holiday

Holy Days and Festivals

Special days are set aside during the year for religious festivals dedicated to members of the pantheon of the Old World gods.

Name of Day Date if Known Gods dedicated to
Night of Death Hexenstag Morr
Year Blessing Nachhexen 1 Verena
Spring Equinox Mitherfruhl Manann, Tall, Ulric
Sigmar’s Feast Sigmarzeit 18 Sigmar
Sonnstill Sonstill Tall, Rhya
Day of Mystery Geheimnistag Morr
Halfling Pie Week Erntezeit 1-8 Halfling Pies
Autumn Equinox Mittherbst Rhya, Tall, Ulric
Winter Solstice Monstill Ulric, Tall, Rhya
Witching Night Hexenstag New Year Festival

Imperial Calendar

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