Location in the Old World

Southern middle part of the main plain of Averland

Places of note

NPC’s of Note


  • Has a large amount of Beastman in the area, but they tend to leave the village alone
  • People here tend to have a high birth rate, usually 8 babies per couple, but only half tend to survive brith
  • Has previously been visited by Witch Hunters, who burnt down a local family in their home for heresy

PC interaction with the town

  • Matt grew up here, and it was his family home that was burnt down. He was saved by Hans.
  • PC’s found out that babies don’t die so often in birth, but instead are mutants, and are left for the Beastman to pick up.
  • Matt killed the Witch Hunter Mathias here, and Hans has contacted Riegar Rheinmetal about it.
  • Johann found and removed the Chaos Pebble in the well that was causing the high birth rate and mutations