Burnloch Temple of Sigmar

The Burnloch Temple of Sigmar


The Temple is the largest building in the village, standing just shy of 3 stories tall. The outside wall is made from large tree logs that are held upright by the fact half of them are in the ground.

The gaps between the logs has been filled with a thick tar like substance, and all of the wood seems to have been treated with some sort of oil to make it more fire resistant.

NPC’s that live or work here

  • Hans – The Priest of Sigmar that looks after the place
  • Giselher – An Acolyte that is assigned to here to learn from Hans


Main Hall

The main hall could hold 100 people at a squeeze. It has very little seating, to force people who worship to either stand or get on their knees.

Along the walls are iron brackets for torches, which do a good job of lighting up several relief’s of Sigmar’s life carved into the wood.

At the rear of the temple is a simple alter set before a statue of Sigmar that stands twice the height of a normal man.

There are two high windows for the hall, near the peaks of the roof at each end, that are designed to let fresh air in, and the smoke from any fires out.

There are 3 archways at the rear of the hall, each of which is blocked by a thick curtain. The Curtain’s have moderate cross stitched pictures that continue telling of Sigmar’s victories.

The first archway leads to the Acolytes chambers.

The second leads to Priests chambers.

The third archway leads to a kitchen, cellar, and dining room.

The main door into the hall is the only way into the building, and has been built with very large and strong iron hinges on the inside. The door is as thick as the walls, and each one has a large amount of mass. The door can be bared from the inside by two large pieces of wood, and look like the are designed to withstand a battering ram. There is also another two large pieces of wood near the door that are designed to be braced against it for extra support.

Acolyte chambers

The Acolyte chambers are 6 rooms off a thin hallway. All of the doors are off the same side of the hallway.

The rooms are very simple, and simply contain a cot, a washbasin, and a stool. There is space for a trunk, but they are not provided.

Two of the doors have brackets so that they can be barred from the outside, so they can double as a prison if needed.

Kitchen/Cellar/Dining Room

This room is a simple affair of storage shelves, some space and equipment to cook it, and a table that can seat 5 a side.

Priests chambers

The priests chambers are two rooms.

The first area a private preying area combined with an office for the head priest. There is a writing desk to one side, and a small armoury to the other.

There is a small book shelf with 6 books, all on the subject of Sigmar and guidance for the Empire.

There is a door here which leads into a modest bedroom where the Priest can sleep. It contains a bed, a wardrobe, another writing desk, another book shelf with 3 books, an armour stand, a weapon stand, and a small alter to Sigmar.

The door to the Priests bed room can be bared from the inside.

Burnloch Temple of Sigmar

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