Drunken Oaths are never a good idea

Sometimes when life throws you a pile of shit, you’ve got no choice but to roll in it. For this not so merry band they all fell on hard times in their own ways, and took up that great call of adventure. Through an unusual happenstance of events they ended up running into each other at a time where they had no choice but to fight together. Afterwards they got drunk to celebrate, the Dwarf wanted to swear an oath of brotherhood of course, the others also drunk agreed. Now they seem stuck together on this long and twisting journey.
Some might say, why listen to one dwarf, you out number him. Others might say he’s too drunk to remember. Rorek Grimfist says people who mess with his brothers get an Axe to the mummy daddy buttons if they are not careful and the other seem OK with this.

Drunken Oaths are never a good idea - WHFRP 3rd Ed

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